This dad builds virtual hospitals to help sick kids fight cancer fears | The Memo

Visiting a hospital is never fun, but for kids it can be particularly traumatic. Six years ago Dom Raban ‘s 13-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewings Sarcoma. Despite receiving fantastic clinical care, she received virtually no information about her diagnosis or treatment.

4 IIT-Kanpur graduates start Pariksha to help students ace the placement test

Pariksha is an analytics driven, gamification modeled, adaptive testing and mastery learning based online exam preparation, practice and assessment platform. Campus placements, written tests, interviews, they all add up to a testing time for students until they have a job offer in hand.

The Sneaky Tricks Social Media Has Stolen From Casinos – Blog

From a young age, we all love pressing buttons. For older generations, this was limited to lighting up every floor in the elevator and a few other gizmos and gadgets. Today, we have all seen the entranced toddler fixated on an iPad, navigating it almost as skillfully as their parents do.

Quit Genius: The £6 smoking app that rivals face-to-face therapy

The findings of a still in-progress research study by Ahmed, Sherwani and a group of Imperial medics, which will be published shortly, finds Quit Genius as a tool to help stop smoking to be at least as effective as face-to-face therapy. It also appears to outperform the NHS’s own stop smoking app.

Startup Convegenius transforms education to edutainment; learn how

Startup Convegenius transforms education to edutainment; learn how – The Financial Express The start-up provides a self-learning experience by presenting quality content mapped to the NCERT curriculum in the form of a game

Barclays, SA ed-tech startup 42courses launch fintech course

Barclays has partnered South African branded learning startup 42courses to launch a certified fintech course, aimed at helping financial services professionals, developers and businesses understand the impact technology is having on the sector.

Foursquare’s redesigned Swarm app is a journal for capturing your travels

Swarm, the check-in app from social mainstay Foursquare, is pivoting once again. Foursquare is calling Swarm’s latest incarnation the “lifelog,” and it’s meant to offer a new way of thinking about the trademark check-in process that’s less about gamification and leaderboards and more personal.

5 features most retail apps are missing – Information Age

These days, retail apps have become standard – 90% of millennials use their smartphones in-store while they are shopping. Today’s shoppers are clearly inclined to use their mobile devices as part of the shopping experience, which has prompted most major retailers to develop apps of their own.

Gaming the system for a better experience – Help Net Security

I play a lot of video games and one of the things I’ve noticed is that when you first start playing, the game often keeps you from venturing into places where you’re likely to fail.

Bill Gates Continues His Quest To Gamify Philanthropy With A Malaria Quiz

Bill Gates’s latest effort to make people understand global philanthropy, and more eager to participate in it, takes the form of ” Mosquito Wars,” a letter with an accompanying one-question quiz for readers to learn more about the great progress and continued challenges in the ongoing battle against malaria, a mosquito-borne disease.

Incentive assertiveness – the future success of Gamification | IT News Africa – Africa’s Technology News Leader

Games have always exhibited the psychological ability to 1) encourage participation through rewarding achievements, 2) influence behaviour through teaching as well as 3) improve skill(s) through practical attempts. The progression of technology eradicated the limitation from ancient tools and provided infinite possibilities for gaming feature expansion.

Klaxoon uses gamification to make meetings fun – well, almost – SiliconANGLE

A French company with a funny name is rolling onto U.S. shores with a gamified approach to relieving one of the most painful elements of the typical business day: meetings. Klaxoon SAS launched in 2014 but only set up its U.S. operations in June.

Gamification and Learning: What You Must Know

Organizations are fast realizing the importance of enabling effective learning mechanisms for their employees. Upskills, reskilling, and cross-skilling are emerging as the cornerstones of success, and HR and learning managers are constantly working towards enhancing learning effectiveness. From driving an overall learning culture to ensuring learning technology is user-friendly to providing learning engaging learning content, the challenges are many.

Bid adieu to boring lectures and keep your students engaged and motivated through gamification

Have you ever wondered why children get so bored in school, yet are interested in playing with silly things? A few things that children love to do are climbing trees, playing tic-tac-toe in class or running wild. Climbing trees teaches children to trust their own judgement, so it works as a fun activity as well as a learning experience.

Gamify Your Mindset

“My life is like a video game, I maintain when I’m in the zone, one player, one life.” – Ninja, Die Antwoord Games play an interesting role in our lives because they test our mettle and mindfulness. Readers of self-help and entrepreneurially minded material have likely encountered the idea of gamifying you life, or gamifying your mindset.

6 Steps to a Gamified Experience – Chief Marketer

From retailers to restaurateurs, everyone is creating immersive digital experiences that allow consumers to have fun, memorable interactions with their favorite brands. After all, who doesn’t love a quick challenge, mini-game or a little friendly competition? With a pinch of creativity and brand objectives in mind, gamified campaigns can help foster stronger consumer relationships and drive more impactful results.

Gamification And Game-Based Learning: Which Is Right For Your Business?

PR, media strategy, creative & advertising execs share trends & tips Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Post written by Stephen Baer Head of Creative Strategy & Innovation at The Game Agency and The Training Arcade, creating solutions to educate and activate audiences.

Before you try to gamify, set your own house straight

Much is said in trucking of “gamification” – measuring driver performance factors and getting drivers to compete for top honors and rewards – as a win for both fleets and their drivers. But can it accomplish what fleets are hoping? First, there’s a little confusion in the term itself.

‘Gamification’ in business

Have you ever heard of “gamification?” It is defined as adding games or game-like elements to everyday tasks in order to encourage participation. It pops up in a lot of things these days, including simple children’s games online that actually teach the bare basics of coding.

Global gamification market to decline as competition heats up- report | Netimperative – latest digital marketing news

The global gamification market to decline at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.37% by 2021, according to new research. The study, from look at the global gamification market’s future prospects between 2017 and 2021 by looking at some of the key players in the market, such as BADGEVILLE, BigDoor Media, Bunchball,Gigya, Cadalys, …

Digital Publishing: As Crosswords Move Online, Publishers Can Still Make a Profit

If you’re a fan of newspapers, you should come with me next time I visit my in-laws at the Jersey Shore. Devoted news hounds, my wife’s mother and father still buy four newspapers a day and enjoy learning about what’s happening in the world the same way they have their entire lives.

Techstars Spotlight: Ampogee ‘gamifies’ manufacturing work

Measure. Assemble. Test. Repeat. The monotony of manufacturing jobs might make it difficult for workers to feel appreciated and recognize their impact. Ampogee’s solution: Game on. The Greensboro, North Carolina-based startup – which earned a spot on the inaugural Techstars KC cohort last month – has developed a software-as-a service platform, which “gamifies” employee performance.

Think Tank: Unmasking the Next Generation of Luxury Consumer

We hear over and over that Millennials see luxury as “more than a price tag,” and that they “value experience over things.” While it may be true that Millennials are killing everything from bar soap to golf, our many conversations with this segment tell us it is exactly their love of experiences and “the story” that translates to a positive future for luxury.

Playable And Game-simulation Ads And How to Succeed With It

Playable ads – a growing trend among digital marketers in recent years, attracting new users with an interactive piece of the game. In this article, we were analyzing the popularity and prospects of this kind of advertisement with case studies and tips.

Social cybersecurity: Influence people, make friends and keep them safe

If hackers want to get into corporate systems, they target the weakest link in the security chain: employees. After all, employees are easy targets because they click on arbitrary links, concoct weak passwords Editor’s note: What is social cybersecurity? This conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity.

From Burning Man trips to hypnotherapy: here are four brainstorming techniques you can learn from the ad world

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and there are hundreds of options and settings for brainstorming. But being supposed experts on creativity, ad agency executives have their own unique and personal techniques to get their artistic juices flowing.

Data – the new little black dress in fashion | Opinion

Creative people take risks. More often than not it’s unknown what people think of our work before it’s produced. We don’t do the same kind of concept tests often reserved for say, package design, for things like paintings or a piece of writing.

How to put your children on a digital diet

It’s the all too common lament of parents during the holidays. From the moment they wake, our children’s default setting is to get on a screen. To make us feel worse, the children’s commissioner, Anne Longfield, has warned that our children’s insatiable consumption of social media is as bad as letting them gorge on junk food.

Alternative Credentials Market for Higher Education – Segments and Growth Prospects by Technavio

According to the study released by Technavio, the alternative credentials market for higher education is set to post a CAGR of almost 32% until 2021.

7 up-and-coming trends in HR tech

Gamification, mobile apps and analytic tools should all be on employers’ radar.

Hinge Created Snapchat Geofilters to ‘Crash’ 25 Weddings Across the U.S.

Only two people plan on getting hitched at a wedding. However, one dating app is hoping all the single friends of the happy couple might want to get hinged. With a Snapchat campaign deployed to 25 weddings in eight states across the U.S., dating app Hinge created custom geofilters for every wedding specifically for those sitting at “The Singles Table.”

Top 7 trends in healthcare app development – Information Age

It’s easy to moan about mobile apps. Is this just another thing distracting you from your conversation? Why don’t we put the phone away, at least for a dinner? Do you need to track sugar levels now? Do you really want Google to know your blood pressure?

Are you game for it? – Education | The Star Online

With so much potential for growth, the electronic video game industry should be accepted and promoted in a more positive light to tap young talents. CALL of Duty Infinite Warfare, FIFA 2014, Final Fantasy XV, Starcraft Remastered, Uncharted 4, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Dark Souls 3, Street Fighter 5, World of Tanks.

How can apps expand the reach of behavioral health specialists?

We’ve reached the point where there’s an app for just about anything you could imagine, even healthcare monitoring. More than 165,000 health-related apps are available, as of 2015, and nearly 30 percent of them focus on behavioral health – and both patients and providers have much to gain from these apps.

Using the Agential Structure Model to classify fun

Agential Structure Model classifies the fun of games into 8 types or 19 subtypes. This model complements MDA framework and Caillois’s four categories. Based on this, it is possible to graphically represent the structure of the objectives of a whole game.

Stories of Scale: Standing out in SaaS with custom tracking metrics

Stories of Scale is a content series we’re doing with startup participants from our conference in a partnership with EQT Ventures, sharing growth stories and lessons from industry insiders centered around 4 pillars: technology, business, human optimization, and communication. During our TNW Conference in Amsterdam, we sat down with Perry Oostdam, co-founder of Recruitee.

Liverpool FC preparing for a move in to esports? | Esports News UK

It appears that Premier League side Liverpool Football Club are trying to make moves in esports, according to a new job ad found on LinkedIn. The club mentioned esports within an ad for the Head of Youth Marketing position (found here and here).

It’s Hard To Enjoy ‘The Bachelor’ While The Nation Fights Over The Limitations Of My Love

I love ‘The Bachelor’. I’m aware it’s garbage, and I love it. I have a definitive ranking of the seasons in my mind. I use phrases like “not a winner”, and I memorised Keira’s “ungrateful” monologue from Richie’s season. I’m also gay, “gay as hell” if you will.

Engaging Students in Online Courses: Adding Experiential to Asynchrony

Teaching online is a unique experience for faculty and students. Although I love the online environment for some courses, it does present its own challenges. One of those challenges is how to engage online students in activities that push them to go beyond simply reading, interpreting, and interacting.

India is Witnessing an Overwhelming Shift Towards e-Learning

Arun Rajamani, Country GM, Pluralsight India In an interaction with Dataquest, Arun Rajamani, Country GM of Pluralsight India, a technology learning platform, talks about the current scenario of enterprise skill training and its increasing significance due to impact of automation on employment. He also divulges on how they are making a difference through their e-learning platform.

Why learning is going viral in the digital age

There’s a revolution taking place in Singapore. It’s not one that’s being screamed from rooftops, but it’s catching like wildfire throughout businesses everywhere, cutting costs, increasing productivity and driving employee engagement. I’m talking about learning and development (L&D). Yes, that pillar of your organisation that aims to arm your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to develop and grow.

Scaling An EdTech Startup? Here’s What You Need To Know – Inc42 Media

The journey of an education entrepreneur is challenging. Entrepreneurs tend to get caught up between the notion of wanting to universally improve education standards versus building a sustainable business. It is possible to do both by keeping a hawk’s eye on business metrics. Define whose problem you are solving and why it is critical to solve it.

Startups use tech to put fitness on the Indian agenda

Like most Indians, you probably have your excuses for not hauling yourself to the gym-you don’t know where it is; the trainers aren’t trained; gymming doesn’t work for your body type; our carbs-infused food negates all the hard work and pain; and finally, it’s boring. Fitness bands are faddish.

How Nike turned the shoe drop into a high-tech treasure hunt

Sole Searching Inside the wild world of Nike’s high-tech scavenger hunts by Brian De Los Santos Sole Searching Inside the wild world of Nike’s high-tech scavenger hunts by Brian De Los Santos About a hundred kick-hungry sneakerheads marched into Washington Square Park, smartphones held high, panning from side to side, on a late June afternoon in New York City.

Immersive Technology in Schools Is on the Rise

The number of students across the globe who will access virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) via head-mounted displays will jump from 2.1 million in 2016 to 83 million in 2021, reports Futuresource Consulting. EdWeek Market Brief indicates new partnerships with educational publishers by Microsoft, Google and Oculus will help drive more usage in the U.S.

5 corporate communication trends all bosses need to be aware of

For several years, corporate communications was all about drafting speeches for your CEO, distributing communication material at the office, and creating content for the internal newsletter. However, the definition of corporate communication and what it stands for is fast changing. Today, the manner in which organizations keep their employees informed and engaged is evolving rapidly.

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