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A brief history of computer games in the classroom

Play has always been central to growing up, – whether it’s in the street or on a playing field – or in the structured formality of teachers’ quizzes.

Taking golf from the green to the cloud

Even golf, that timeless yet decidedly low-tech sport, has finally found its way into the cloud. “To get more people to play golf and to show how fun golf can be, golf needs to be where everyone is-on your phone,” said Paige Spiranac, a pro golfer who appears in ads for a golf tech startup, 18Birdies.

Are wearable devices the future of health care?

How to rein in the escalating cost of health care is generating fierce debate across the U.S. Many politicians and health-care professionals are focusing on big targets like legislation and the pharmaceutical industry. But the savings we’re all looking for may well come from far smaller sources, like the personal health devices that many Americans have so readily adopted.

Why students and teachers like the ClassDojo App | Forbes India

ClassDojo co-founders Liam Don (left) and Sam Chaudhary believe the success of their free classroom-management app will pave the way for additional paid services meant to support learning at homeImages Cody Pickens For Forbes Every morning before Cindy Price starts teaching her first graders in New Castle, Delaware, she fires up ClassDojo, a classroom management app.

Here’s why it takes more than great technology to secure your business information

These days the business world seems to be rocked on a daily basis by a new cybersecurity threat to be dodged. But while world-class security technology can help, there’s one big risk factor that can’t ever be controlled with software: people.

The Integration of Gameboard with Expanse.Tech’s Blockchain Platform

The Expanse has recently announced its new partnership with Gameboard, the Guatemala-based company, in order to integrate Expanse.Tech’s blockchain platform with their incentive-based gamification system. With an increasing number of industries experiencing blockchain technology integration, the gamification is also on its way to be integrated with this technology, as the Expanse blockchain platform is soon to collaborate with Gameboard to gamify its distributed ledger ecosystem.

How to Work Your Wonderful Strengths, Forget Your Weaknesses

By now, everyone has heard of Strengthfinders, and most people have done the test. But are you really using the advice from strengthfinders every day? I have to review mine every once in a while. (Achiever and Connectedness). Which of the 34 Strengthfinder strengths do you have?

YC-backed Py is a Duolingo style learn-to-code app

Teaching people to code in bite-sized, gamified chunks delivered via mobile app is Py ‘s mission. The fledgling startup is the brainchild of two friends and college computer science majors who found themselves repeatedly asked for advice on how to learn to code.

The Game Is Afoot – The American Interest

How spies, terrorists, and criminals could leverage gamified intelligence networks to wreak havoc in the 21st century.

How to make maths fun and engaging

Recent studies have shown that just one-third of teachers feel prepared and equipped with the knowledge and tools to teach numeracy. Meanwhile, student outcomes, and engagement, in maths have been steadily declining over the years. Figures show that in 2016, just 69% of HSC students studied a maths subject – down from nearly 95% in 1986.

MercatorNet: Turning life into a game

Marketers are trying to make life easier by borrowing techniques from the gaming industry

How App Gamification Boosts Engagement (And 5 Examples of Apps Doing It Right)

When it comes to getting people to do the things that you want, engagement is critical. You have to capture their attention and give them both the motivation and means to take whatever action you want them to. Gamification provides a simple path to fostering that kind of engagement.

How to Use Gamification to Recruit Talented College Grads

Gamification is a pretty popular word nowadays. Lots of people use it, but actually few understand how gamified strategies could be beneficial to many business areas. Yet, you must understand that gamification exists for a long time, and it has been applied and it is applied on a constant basis.

The Case Against Gamification & Price-to-Beat Tools: Business Travel News

Incentivizing employees with gift cards and other benefits can help save money on trip itineraries. Companies like Rocketrip and TripActions are demonstrating this tactic’s appeal to travel managers. The growing adoption of incentivization programs by procurement departments, though, underscores why HR should be making the calls for employee travel instead.

Five Tips For Using Games To Train Your Employees

Gaming has solidified itself in the modern world as a part of our everyday lives and has encompassed our culture. According to a study done by Essential Facts, in 2016 more than 60% of households in America had someone who plays video games regularly.

Enhancing Employee Engagement through Gamification

Built-in operational performance metrics in a gamification system drive the right behavior on a 24/7 basis. A culture of winning enterprise performance requires that they have a high ability for change management. This is easier said than done, and in many organizations employees and managers find it hard to embrace change.

Gamification all set to boost online education

Why not get educated online as if you are playing a hugely entertaining game? That’s exactly how online education in India will take shape in the next four years, ‘gamification’ being the catchword. Indicated clearly in a recent survey by Google, the process will dramatically change the way students are taught, online and offline.

Gamification helps European bank to record online customer acquisition

A gamification platform called Challenger is helping OTP banka Hrvatska to record levels of customer engagement and acquisition… Banks worldwide struggle with card acquisitions and mobile signups, but one European bank, OTP banka Hrvatska, was able to beat records in new card signups, mobile client increase, and other areas of operations, through the use of Enga Systems’ Challenger platform.

The right technology plus the right driver: A winning combination

In order for a fleet to achieve its fuel economy goals it needs the right combination of technologies and driver engagement. And while some technology – like automated transmissions – lessens the impact of the driver on the fuel economy equation, the actions of the drivers still matter.

‘Gamified’ App Enhances Lifestyle Change in Obese Adults

SAN DIEGO – A mobile health-engagement platform in the form of an app can help promote weight loss and adherence to in-person lifestyle modification programs among overweight and obese adults, new research indicates.

Culture impacts gamification strategies | WARC

ASIA-PACIFIC: Researchers often use gamification techniques to improve user engagement and improve data quality, but research across Asia-Pacific shows they also need to consider how cultural differences can affect results.

Blog Buzz: The Gamification Report

If you’re an instructional designer and want to get your feet wet with game elements for your next learning program, The Gamification Report is a good blog to explore. Run by Monica Cornetti, founder and CEO of Sententia Gamification, it has the resources you’ll need to get started.

How to Use Gamification the Right Way

Five years ago, gamification was the new marketing buzzword. However, as it caught on, its meaning fell off. Companies “gamified” everything for sales. Albertsons and Safeway created a lottery game called MONOPOLY, for which shoppers’ chance of winning the grand prize of a million dollars is more than two trillion to one.

Gamification, the new normal in learning: Report – ETtech

A majority of IT companies are implementing gamified learning experience to reskill their employees as more learners are gravitating towards gamified online courses pointing a shift in learning preferences of IT professionals.

Gamification for global health

Have you ever used a smartphone app to track physical activity and compete with your friends? Perhaps you belong to a coffee shop or supermarket customer loyalty program? Maybe you recently participated in UC Berkeley’s Big Give and watched the campus leaderboard to see your school’s share of the fundraising dollars?

How Gamification Can Be Used To Grow Consumer Engagement

Arvind R P – For the new-age consumers who leverage technology for entertainment and shopping, gamification is a smart tool to engage with them in a way they best prefer. It creates an opportunity to expand the reach through an owned platform, , consumer engagement, marketing, opinion

With WatchOS 4, Apple Watch Is All About Fitness

This fall, Apple Watch owners will get improved fitness-tracking features and new Siri watch faces. While Apple Watch was not the focal point of WWDC 2017, the company did preview a software update rolling out this fall-watchOS 4-and Apple is clearly putting fitness front and center.

Plex Advances Cord-Cutting Case With Live OTA TV | Online Entertainment | TechNewsWorld

Video streaming service Plex on Thursday announced the availability of a beta version of its Plex Live TV. The live-TV streaming launch follows last year’s introduction of the Plex DVR, which provides users with free over-the-air access to 86 of Nielsen’s 100 most watched shows in the United States.

Agencies are failing their clients by focusing solely on the consumer

At the recent Mumbrella360 conference, a panel of former big brand marketers warned agencies that they might be nailing briefs but they are failing to solve actual business problems. To that, I say: no kidding. The truth of the matter is most traditional above-the-line agencies haven’t a clue how to solve challenges that encompass departments within their client’s businesses beyond the marketing team.

GamesBeat 2017 reveals five new speakers for The Time Machine theme

GamesBeat 2017 will take place at San Francisco’s beautiful Fort Mason on October 5 and October 6. And we’re delighted to announce our next five speakers. They include Paul Bettner, CEO of Playful; Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable; Bill Roper, chief creative officer of Improbable; Tim Chang, managing director at Mayfield Fund; and Ramez Naam, science fiction writer and author of the acclaimed Nexus series.

InBody Announces Integration with MYZONE to Bring Biometric Data to Gym-Goers

“It’s important to note the number of calories burned during a workout, but many people forget to look at the other numbers associated with an intense workout,” said , InBody Director of Sales. “Being able to see an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in percent body fat are equally important to gym-goers.

Musings: Ghost in The Shell, and AI’s march towards manhood

MANILA, Philippines – The original Ghost in The Shell ( GiTS) manga written by Masamune Shirow and the two anime adaptations by Mamoro Oshii (I haven’t seen the 2015 one) were philosophical musings about what makes us human.

The Wait is Over: The Rec Room at Toronto’s Historic Roundhouse Officially Opens TODAY

Torontonians can Now Enjoy ‘Eats & Entertainment’ at Newest Premier Social Destination , June 27, 2017 /CNW/ – (TSX: CGX) – social seekers now have a new hot-spot for ‘Eats and Entertainment,’ with the opening of the city’s first location of The Rec Room at the Roundhouse today.

How to embrace socioeconomic diversity

Helen McRae, CEO of Mindshare UK and chair of Western Europe, vividly remembers where she was on the eve of the Brexit vote. She was having dinner with the editor of The Sun newspaper, Tony Gallagher: “He said: ‘Don’t discount people outside the M25.’ Up until that point I had not considered that Brexit would happen.

Overcoming Resistance to Change: 5 Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Sooner or later as a business owner, you are going to want to change something in your company. You’ll get excited by the potential, only problem is, the rest of your team may not be on board. The change you want to implement might be a new software system.

Talent management systems oversee entirety of employee lifecycle

The 2000s saw the rise of talent management systems designed to support talent recruiting and retaining processes. More recently, cloud-based talent management software has become the standard for talent management applications. Enhanced talent management software capabilities and the viability of software-as-a-service applications to support enterprise-level talent management have meant that organizations can better operate and execute on their talent management strategy like never before.

Infosec17: CheckRecipient crowned UK’s most innovative cyber security firm

A machine learning technology developer has won the UK national competition to find the most innovative cyber security company for 2017. CheckRecipient was announced as the winner after the final round of the competition was held at Infosecurity Europe 2017 in London.

Leading innovation at the world’s most celebrated digital bank

This is the second part of a two-part interview series in the Digital Mindset and Future Skills forum, hosted by Laurence Smith. For the first part, see: How to hire a CIO, first published on June 9. Laurence Smith: When you first joined DBS, did you already have a plan in mind of what type of innovation organisation you wanted to build?

Can Catapult Sports become the Strava of football?

If you’re even a semi-dedicated sports fan, the brand Catapult Sports is likely to have worked its way into your subconscious. Ever noticed your favourite football/basketball/rugby/NFL team’s players wearing what looks like a sports bra over their tops in training? If so, there’s a high chance it will have been brandished with the company’s name.

Build a better world through Summer Reading at Pierce County Library System

TACOMA – Pierce County residents of all ages will improve their reading skills, earn prizes and have guaranteed fun this summer during Pierce County Library System’s Summer Reading, June 24 through Sept. 3 at all Pierce County Libraries.

Exhibition industry to use Mumbrella360 to take Global Exhibitions Day to marketers – Mumbrella

Industry body the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia is to use next week’s Mumbrella360 conference as a platform to promote live events as a marketing channel. Mumbrella360 is taking place on Global Exhibitions Day.

Gaming is no child’s play!

It was 2005 when Alok Kejriwal co-founded Games2win, one of the country’s first casual-gaming sites. Several gaming counterparts had arrived and disappeared at the same pace, but Alok knew what it took to weather the storm.

Virtual reality helps Honeygrow worker-bees acclimate

Some worker-training programs take days to imbue in new employees the corporate culture and best practices. But after just 15 minutes under the spell of a virtual-reality headset and spiffy VR program created by Northern Liberties “experiential video” shop Klip Collective, new hires at the Philadelphia-based Honeygrow fast-casual dining chain are already feeling the company spirit.

The Global Search for Education: “Jobsolescence” – Does Charles Fadel Have the Answers?

“We need courageous cathedral builders! We also need to address traditional experts’ biases clinging to their narrow domains, parents’ old personal experiences biasing their views, and teachers’ and administrators’ lack of training and leadership, respectively.” All around us we are witnessing disruptive automation that is changing lives and taking away the jobs many have relied on to make a living.

Physios join Microsoft for ground breaking cystic fibrosis tech project

Morgan and Aiden Coxhead, who have CF, use the prototype chipped airway clearance devices Haiyan Zhang, innovation director at Microsoft Research, spoke about the company’s partnership with physiotherapists at University College London at the Createch2017 event in London on 13 June.

Why Amazon’s ‘Prime Wardrobe’ Makes Your Retail Store Totally Redundant

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Before you watch the following video that is full of physically fit, matte-faced, pastel-loving, happy people who live in perfectly decorated, brightly lit homes sit back for a second and think about the last time you went shopping.

Is gaming the next big marketing frontier? – ClickZ

Mary Meeker’s recently-released Internet Trends 2017 report, which focuses on the defining trends of the digital world and what they might mean for the future, featured a prominent section detailing the steady rise of gaming in all forms across the globe.

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