Singles’ Day highlights value of online to offline integration

China’s Singles’ Day has grown beyond a Chinese online sales campaign into an international, omni-channel, retail-as-entertainment festival. What made this year’s bonanza even more interesting was the extension of “New Retail” into a wider physical footprint.

indaHash Announces Launch of Main ICO to Tokenize the Influencer Industry, the global technology platform that connects more than 300,000 digital influencers with a combined reach of 1 billion followers to brands around the world, today announced the launch of their ICO. The indaHash Coin is a universal cryptocurrency structure available to social media influencers, their audiences and brands.

The new fundraising craze – which were the top ICOs of 2017?

Despite all its myriad shortcomings, 2017 has been extravagantly kind to the cryptocurrency market. , Ethereum, and the like have hit all-time high values beyond what even the most optimistic enthusiast could have imagined. There are countless new cryptocurrencies catering to several applications of blockchain flooding the market every day, and crypto-coins are finally achieving mainstream relevance.

What technology trends you can expect in education in 2018

The increasing influence of technology in education is offering us a glimpse into a gradually evolving realm of unconstrained learning. Technology’s transformative nature is like that of an excited particle that alters the status quo of any physical space it enters.

Need to Know Your Clients Better? Try Playing a Game

This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers, click the “Reprints” link at the bottom of any article. How do you put more fun in your clients’ lives?

LiveTree Announces Token Sale to Disrupt the $500 billion Hollywood Industry – Ethereum World News

LiveTree ADEPT is the world’s first completely transparent platform for end-to-end creation, funding and distribution of film and television. London, November 28 2017 LiveTree ADEPT, the world’s first community-powered film, TV and content network is set to disrupt the likes of Netflix’s subscription service by decentralizing the entertainment industry.

Meet the ethical hacker trying to tackle Hollywood’s cyber security problem

“Security’s always seen as a cost. There’s no immediate benefit, right? It’s not something that’s ‘seen’,” Echemendia tells Techworld. “They’ve got a production budget, that is already accounted for. That’s for the actors and the lighting and the director and so forth.

Completists, why can’t you just leave something unfinished?

About AirTalk® Join KPCC’s AirTalk with host Larry Mantle weekdays for lively and in-depth discussions of city news, politics, science, the arts, entertainment, and more. Call-in number: 866-893-5722 Are you someone who listens to podcast at super high speed so you can get through them?

NIIT Announces Strategic Initiative to Drive Cultures of Service Excellence across Organizations Worldwide

Goa, New Delhi, Delhi, India NIIT Limited, a global leader in Skills and Talent Development, entered into a strategic partnership with UP! Your Service, the global leader in creating cultures of service excellence worldwide. Founded by Ron Kaufman, the globally renowned Service Culture Consultant, UP!

Fitness-tracker games may help families get more exercise –

When fitness trackers alone fail to get families moving enough, turning step counts into a competition might help people get more exercise, a small experiment suggests. Researchers gave fitness trackers to 200 adults and asked them to set daily step-count goals to increase their activity levels.

PR – MDK Entertainment Community Will Tokenize Memes in a New Blockchain Project

Moscow – Oct. 25, 2017 – MDK, one of the largest Russian entertainment communities of over 20 million social media users, today announced the plans to create a new mobile app and to launch a new blockchain project decentralizing social media value and allowing participants to earn cryptocurrency rewards for active content creation, moderation and amplification.

The Game Agency Launches The First Game Authoring Tool™

“These games provide a much higher level of engagement and provide a safe environment for employees to use the information just delivered to them. Equally important, the analytics from the gameplay provides employers comprehensive data on employee learning gaps and behavioral trends.” New York, New York November 06, 2017 New York, November 6, 2017 –…

How to train the deskless employee

When you think about e-learning, an employee at a desk staring at a computer screen comes to mind. But for many positions, a desk and dedicated computer aren’t in the job description – and the marketplace is only just beginning to address these challenges.

Six healthcare marketing trends for 2018

Healthcare’s confluence of unknowns and erratic overtures coming out of Washington has stalled many healthcare biggest stakeholders-payer, provider, and pharma. Success in transformative, threatened markets requires companies to continually reassess strategic direction: anticipate and absorb change, generate situational-driven strategic insights, and act with deliberate speed.

Marketing gets Augmented Reality lift

By | Published: 12:00 am 4:29 pm Retail industry in India is fraught with intense competition not only between online and brick-and-mortar counterparts but also between different online stores. Consumers are relying on the online engines to make recommendations, read reviews and grab interesting offers. However, consumers are also increasingly fickle.

Niantic acquires social mechanics startup Evertoon – CIOL

Niantic, the company behind the popular mobile game Pokémon Go has acquired a startup called Evertoon, which is exploring ways to add “social mechanics to digital products.” “The Niantic family is growing, and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome a great group of people who will help evolve, challenge and grow our company in new ways.

How technological evolution is changing the landscape of internet marketing

Online marketing is on the verge of imploding and giving rise to an entirely different business model. With the number of emerging technologies, the online marketing is making a quick shift from contextual marketing to immersive marketing. Businesses are constantly adapting to the fast-paced change in the way they operate, given the evolution of technology.

The Rise And Fall Of Black Friday, Cyber Monday |

What has a pre-season, post-season, and championship playoff? If you said “football,” you’re not wrong – but the terms could also apply to the holiday shopping season, which has swelled so much in recent years that it has almost become three seasons in one.

VR start-up wins Manchester United deal

Tech start-up Mi Hiepa will supply its VR football skills and coaching system to Manchester United

The Best Products of 2017

The 100 gems represent the top 4 percent of the thousands of tech products and services we’ve tested in the PC Lab this year. If you want to know what to buy this holiday season, here’s your list. When you test as many products as the PCMag analysts do, it’s not surprising that they all start to look alike.

CryptoKitties Game Launches On The Ethereum Blockchain

CryptoKitties is an interesting new gaming experiment for desktop computers, allowing users to breed, collect and trade virtual cats on the Ethereum Blockchain. Cats and the internet would appear to be synonymous, so it comes as no surprise to see cutting edge technology and technologists embracing our feline friends as part of their development focus.

Aura Devices’ new smart band will track your body composition and hydration level

The eventual dream for wearable fitness devices is to allow us to see how our body reacts to the things we do, so we can fully understand our actions and make positive changes. Some things we can see in real-time, like heart rate, but mostly the information is delivered at the end of the day.

The future of the LMS | Virtual College

With the LMS constantly changing, developing and evolving, do we know where the LMS will be in five years time? Here, we take a look.

Tuesday Buzz: Attention-Grabbing Tactics for Mobile Addicts

How many times have you picked up your phone today? Are you reading this on your phone right now? In today’s smartphone-saturated world, it seems like our heads are always bent toward our devices-even when we’re at important events. Do event professionals stand a chance of grabbing the attention of phone-obsessed attendees?

‘Ad’ding to the experience

In the summer of 2016, an app was made available for free to its consumers, who immediately participated in one of the largest and most successful brand campaigns of the year. There were talks on whether it could be classified as a mobile health app since it resulted in over 100 billion steps being taken by its users within the first three months.

Innovative app to reduce congestion in Coventry

Commuters in Coventry are being urged to trial an innovative research app which aims to reduce traffic congestion heading into the city centre. The Intelligent Variable Message Systems ( iVMS) is the first of its kind in the UK.

5 Ways to Combat Unpredictable Support Surges with Social Care

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is almost upon us. This means marketing teams are in overdrive, all looking to out-market the other with above-the-line campaigns. With all this marketing spend allocated, a very important aspect often gets overlooked: how to deal with the increase in volume of social, digital customer interactions.

6 Key Tenets Of A Winning Marketing Story In Business

In my role as a mentor to entrepreneurs and an angel investor, I find that too many are stuck in this myth that a good pitch, and good marketing content, should consist of more product features, and more hype on customer benefits.

MintHealth: Empowering Patients to Take Control of their Health and Data via Blockchain Technology – Blockchain News

Share with: Seasoned healthcare executives and physician entrepreneurs announce the launch of MintHealth, a portable, secure, and self-sovereign personal health record (PHR) built using blockchain technology. This global decentralized health platform will align all healthcare stakeholders around the shared goal of empowering patients to minimize their risk for developing and suffering complications of chronic conditions.’s ‘Proof of Knowledge’ Helps Learners Prove Their Value – Press Release – Digital Journal’s revolutionary platform could be the new standard for measuring the true worth of knowledge. Its platform will spur the promotion of knowledge exchange between knowledge sharers and producers, while rewarding their interactions within the network – powering a decentralized ecosystem of knowledge sharing networks.

Black Friday: A survival guide

JOHANNESBURG – Discount-hunters, store managers and, well, South Africans, brace yourselves: Black Friday is coming and best believe you need to be ready if you’re hoping to cash in. Or even if you’re planning on venturing anywhere near a mall.

Media Saturn launches a first, fully virtual shopping world

Saturn customers can use their own VR goggles to see products in two virtual environments. It is not yet possible to actually buy something in VR however. German Saturn, part of Media Saturn alongside MediaMarkt, already introduced store robot Paul and augmented reality shopping assistant Paula.

Leveling Up to E-Sourcing Mastery: A Collaborative Approach

With many procurement organizations using their solutions on only a quarter of applicable events, it’s clear that e-sourcing solutions have a ways to go to reach full adoption. From overwhelming practitioners with functionality to overemphasizing the prescriptions of industry analysts and consultants, e-sourcing providers have failed to help procurement realize the full benefits their solutions can offer.

Startup Street: This Startup Is Coming Up With An Alternative To Facebook

Mu Sigma’s founder is launching a new social media platform, travel booking platform Goomo has paired up with travel agency UNIGLOBE to get a foothold in the Indian market and blockchain startup Proffer is holding a summit along with NITI Aayog to explore the cryptocurrency architecture.

This Video Game Will Help You Become A Better Bedroom Producer – Telekom Electronic Beats

Melodics is a music app that uses game-like features to teach you beat making basics.

Reinforce Curiosity As A Problem-Solving Strategy With Stash Plugin For Moodle

Adrian Grieve has a challenge for you: Gamify a Moodle course using only the standard activities. No plugins. Any ideas how? Perhaps you could add some playfulness to the content or tweak the scoring. It is really an open-ended question with many right answers. Partners With GamingGrids to Gamify Education – Bitsonline

Bitcoin Press Release: Digital learning pioneer has revealed the world’s first blockchain-based platform to measure the value of knowledge, with two months to its pre-sale event on January 15th,2018. The Knowledge platform features a unique ecosystem that shares and rewards knowledge encouraged by gamified learning.

Black Eyed Peas’ graphic novel, ‘Masters of the Sun,’ gets the AR treatment

Black Eyed Peas frontman took heed of Steve Jobs’ “think different” but perhaps more so, he has kept it all the way 100 by being fresh and original – the core values of golden-age hip-hop. Today, the group released an augmented reality app, available on iOS and Android, to go with its graphic novel Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles .

The Future of Football Coaching Might Be Crowdsourced

It’s the hard reality of the sports fan: We have no real ability to help our favorite team. We can’t prove that we could call better plays than the coaching staff, for instance. But thanks to a rising trend in social sports gamification, that may be changing.

The Tech That Actually Helps You Concentrate

Chasing that hit gets especially bad if, like me, you do the kind of job where you work alone and set your own schedule, with nobody looking over your shoulder to notice that you’ve spent 45 minutes clicking through a listicle of 45 Forgotten Baby Girl Names From The 1920s.

Turn your film into a product, say experts at Storytek conference

The second edition of content, media and technology forum Storytek, which took place at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival yesterday (Nov 29), saw experts discuss how films and TV could evolve in the future. The day-long event also included the presentation of Storytek’s first accelerator projects, whose projects were chosen and further developed beginning in September via a ten-week mentoring and training session.

Yan Shevchenko: ”Game developing is similar to making films”

The head of a game developing company tells about development of the industry, the place of his company in the billion market and an application for the Tatar language ”Soon there will be nothing – just virtual reality.” This too arbitrary assumption, it seems, doesn’t bewilder at all the founder and director of the company GD Forge, Yan Shevchenko.

Jethmalani supports tech-savvy legal research post-retirement | Tehelka Bureau | Tehelka – Investigations, Latest News, Politics, Analysis, Blogs, Culture, Photos, Videos, Podcasts

Veteran lawyer Ram Jethmalani recently retired with the agenda of fighting corruption, especially the corrupt politicians. However, there is another task that he has taken upon himself which is to ensure that legal research becomes more tech-savvy and less time consuming.

Tech Talk: One Raft and Seamless.AI

One Raft hopes to float with do-good purpose involving social enterprises and charities. One Raft Invented by: Guy Jacks Cost: Undecided Investor: Guy Jacks Amount funded: $0 Sometimes it takes a bit of external pressure to do the right thing.

Alibaba Made $1 Billion in Two Minutes on “Singles Day”

China’s Alibaba kicked off its annual “Singles Day,” and president Michael Evans joined Cheddar to talk about the biggest e-commerce event of the year.

Money is Stressful; Banks and Fintechs Need to Go Beyond Basic Payments to Focus on Saving and Investment

There was a time when you banked at your local branch in your community, and with a bit of luck you got free checking and a toaster upon opening an account. End of story. Today, it’s a consumer’s field day for finance.

Electronic Literature’s Contemporary Moment: Breeze and Campbell’s “All the Delicate Duplicates” – Los Angeles Review of Books

ALMOST A DECADE has passed since 3:AM Magazine founder Andrew Gallix, writing in the Guardian, proclaimed the imminent death of electronic literature, that is, literature with an inherently computational aesthetic. There was some merit to Gallix’s argument, his concern being that the form’s emphasis on multi-modality was such that the word would eventually get lost.

To master cybersecurity, design systems around employee workflows

For nearly two years, the healthcare sector has been in the crosshairs of cybercriminals, thriving on outdated systems and banking on humans to open the door. In fact, in 2015, 60 percent of breaches were caused by insiders, according to the IBM 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index.

The corporate training conundrum

While addressing the employees of the bank just before her retirement, former chairman of the State Bank of India (SBI) Arundhati Bhattacharya said she would like to believe that she is leaving behind a “learning” organization.

How to Get More Done With Fewer Distractions

by Matt Alderton | November 30, 2017 If you find yourself working longer hours than you should be, it might be because you’re too distracted, suggests contributor Andrew Cohen, founder and CEO of Brainscape. “In today’s media-rich world, it is increasingly difficult to focus on completing complex tasks for a protracted period of time,” he says.

Can This Game-Like App Help Students Do Better in School?

FRESNO, Calif. – A group of seventh- and eighth-grade girls sat around a lunch table discussing a new game-like app they use in school. Danna Rodriguez somewhat sullenly said she didn’t want to care about Strides, which tracks points students earn for attendance, grade-point average and using the app itself, among other things.

VR Company PlayWerk Announces Management Appointments and Capital Raise

“…VR and gamification can be incredibly successful tools to enable rapid skill-building for employees and roll out a proactive safety culture to all locations concurrently. We feel that PlayWerk has struck the right balance in innovation, know-how, and commercial viability.” – Amir Banifatemi, K5 IRVINE, Calif.

The future is coming – What can the legal sector expect from technology in 2018? – Legal Futures

Increasingly, firms are recognising the importance of adopting and investing in technology in order to effectively compete in today’s market. Clients are also continuing to demand greater engagement with technology, and in many ways the traditional law firm model is falling behind expectations of the service industry generally.

‘Hackers’ Turn to User-Centered Products at J-School Hackathon at North Texas – MediaShift

When Tracy Kirk registered for the MediaShift J-School Hackathon at the University of North Texas (UNT), she was hoping to collaborate on solutions to some of the issues facing small-town news organizations. However, Kirk’s original goal took a sharp turn when she shared a recent experience she had while searching for schools with her college-bound …

New tech start-up making training courses interesting – The Sarnia Journal

A new start-up at the UWO Research Park is out to show small and medium-sized businesses they can afford to use online e-learning to train and inform employees. Edu-Solutions develops and designs innovative online courses that are nothing like the dull, web-based training programs or tutorials of years gone by, says Karen McCloskey, a local…

5 impactful edtech trends in 2017

Education technology is evolving, and this is a magnificent thing. It manages to provide us with that power and experience that everyone wanted to have as a young child. But integrating various new education technology trends to the table does seem to be quite challenging, especially with so many unique ideas offered on the market.

NetEnt launches Finn and the Swirly Spin slot

NetEnt unveils gamified mobile slot game

HR should already have embraced artificial intelligence

Gaurav Hirey has over 22 years of HR experience in the areas of talent management and development, talent acquisition, organizational development interventions, HR technology, employee engagement and communications A firm believer in adding value and creating impact, he believes in HR for business school of thought rather than HR for HR.

3D printing, when integrated with TRIZ, makes creative problem-solving simpler

We know that creativity is an essential part of product development and there are several methods that help develop innovative products and services. For designers, there are several techniques and tools for idea generation, and most depend on the trigger that generates new ideas. One such idea-generating tool is TRIZ.

Can gaming help make Cambridge a smart city?

Is gaming key to Cambridge becoming a smart city? Businesses are being encouraged to get involved in a European-funded project which aims to find out. The project, REACTOR, is moving into its second year, and organisers have announced the theme for the Big Gamification Challenge 2018, which will be Immersive environments, a series of smart cities challenges.

If You Build It, They Will Game: The Training Arcade and the Future of Gamified eLearning | eLearningInside News

The Training Arcade hosts a library of games. These games tend to be simple, combine player finesse with problem solving and memory recall. Instructors can select a variety of these and customize them (with the help of the program’s online editor) for a specific subject, class, or course.

Can Gamification Teach Young People How Health Insurance Works?

The health insurance market remains a confusing place for many Americans, and young Americans in particular. In studies, young adults have displayed inconsistent knowledge of health insurance terminology, and they are also the demographic most likely to be uninsured.

Using tech tools to replace real patients in medical school

Medical students in Singapore will soon be able to see a patient’s abdomen through X-ray vision. Simulated X-ray vision, that is. In about a year, they can use an augmented reality program that will enable them to see and feel the insides of an abdominal manikin, and learn about diseases and symptoms. Called MediSIM, the program allows the students to learn about the human anatomy without causing inconvenience and pain to real patients.

Want the job that fits you best? Don’t quit playing games | FactorDaily

When Rinchuithar, 23, walked into luxury hotel Taj Diplomatic Enclave in New Delhi this September for her maiden job interview, playing mobile games was nowhere on her mind. But the first thing her interviewers asked was to play a game called Dashi Dash, where she had to play the role of a waiter in an…

How gamifying tasks with visual representation is a good performance indicator

The modern business world puts special emphasis on getting the best out of its employees while making them equally interested and productive in the tasks they perform. It has become essential for the business to make their employees more interactive with the tasks and meet the expectations without getting burned out.

Growing youth entrepreneurial culture through gamification

The inaugural Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge (AGEC) which was conceptualised to creatively coach high school learners to think entrepreneurially has been lauded a ‘huge success’…

Over 125,000 People Play OfferCraft Gamified Promotions at Foxwoods Resort Casino; Response Rate Skyrockets

More than one third of new member acquisition at Foxwoods is attributed to OfferCraft promotions. They’ve been a wonderful partner. OfferCraft, a software company that uses artificial intelligence and gamification to help companies increase customer revenue and employee engagement, has partnered with Foxwoods Resort Casino and FoxwoodsONLINE in Connecticut to launch interactive promotional games to draw in new customers, reward existing ones and engage team members.

Don’t be seduced by gamification

Companies and government organizations are increasingly incorporating the ideas of gamification into the way they assess whether job applicants are the right fit for an open role. But recruiting managers should be careful to determine whether they are gamifying work-related elements or just having candidates play games.

Implementing Gamification For Quality And Business Transformation

If a company only leans on speed or volume as the only gamification measure, added the quality dimension could be a little disorienting for the team – even more so if the company doesn’t already extensively review quality metrics. Employees will need guidance, but will especially need examples of “quality well done.”

How To Foster Employee Competition And Drive Improved Performance

Imagine this: You’re a salesperson responsible for more revenue than anyone else in an extremely competitive organization. You’ve worked tirelessly to get to where you are and you’re extremely proud of yourself. However, you walk into work one day only to find out another salesperson has surpassed your numbers and, as a result, is getting the promotion you’ve been eying for months.

How gamification is used to motivate workers

When Gartner’s Brian Burke wrote a book on gamification in 2014 – Gamify: how gamification motivates people to do extraordinary things – the analyst firm had placed the concept on its hype cycle graph as sliding down from inflated expectations to the trough of disillusionment.

Yggdrasil feeling festive with €500,000 Christmas Calendar giveaway bonus at online casinos | Casinopedia

In-game tools will drive huge Christmas giveaway Promotion available to all Yggdrasil operators Slot game developers Yggdrasil Gaming plan to give €500,000 away in bonuses over the Christmas period. The popular studio will be putting its innovative BOOST™ promotions platform to the test with a series of in-game rewards and bonuses for players, available on most Yggdrasil titles between December 1 and January 3 at online casinos which carry their games.

AR Education Book 100% Funded By Kickstarter

Books have been around for thousands of years in various forms, and when it comes to education, despite the proliferation of online resources, nothing has yet displaced the textbook from its prominent position in the educational field. However, one company is seeking to transform the humble textbook with the power of augmented reality (AR) technology.

This Week In VR Sport: Intel Continues To Develop Partners, Manchester United & WWE Look To VR

The weekend is here and that means it’s time for the first of our three regular weekend features here on VRFocus. We begin, as always, buy taking a look back over the last seven days to some of the stories that you may not have known regarding all manner of sports and how they are looking to implement immersive technologies.

Want the job that fits you best? Don’t quit playing games | FactorDaily

When Rinchuithar, 23, walked into luxury hotel Taj Diplomatic Enclave in New Delhi this September for her maiden job interview, playing mobile games was nowhere on her mind. But the first thing her interviewers asked was to play a game called Dashi Dash, where she had to play the role of a waiter in an…

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