Entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in Australia

In summary Successful entrepreneurs joined Swinburne guests to relaunch the AGSE The panel discussed the highs and lows of start-ups and the risks they had to take The new school will focus on current trends and needs of industry Starting a business takes resilience, hard work, risk-taking and the ability to learn from your mistakes, the relaunch of Swinburne’s renowned entrepreneurship school has heard.

GamEffective Appoints Alon Verdnikov as Vice President Global Sales and Announces New Headquarters in New York

GamEffective, an award-winning eLearning and performance enterprise gamification company, announced today the appointment of Alon Verdnikov as Vice President Global Sales. Alon will lead sales, business development and client expansion projects from GamEffective’s newly established New York headquarters.

How To Use Games To Improve Performance At Work

Earlier this year I wrote about the motivational power games can play in the workplace. A new study, published in Psychological Science, underlines the power of having targets to aim for, even if the targets themselves are largely meaningless. The only caveat is that your scores have to be improving.

6 Ways Technology Helped Me ‘Hack’ Getting Into Shape

It’s no secret that Americans are battling a number of sweeping lifestyle health epidemics: According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) one in four Americans will die as a result of heart disease-related illness. Then there’s obesity: Over one-third of Americans are considered to be in this category, which is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more.

Do Games and Gamification really make you more intelligent?

Games, according to certain traditionalists, doom-speakers and other Luddites, are the cause of a great many ailments. Hopefully this one the few occasions you may still come against these false claims, but it’s always useful to know what they are in case you are confronted with them.

Restaurants use Gamified Checkout to assist in Kiosk Adoption Process

Birmingham Alabama, Sept. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Everybody likes a deal, especially one offering a discount or a free meal. A new gaming component of Juke Slot’s popular restaurant kiosk software rewards customers willing to play. Business owners and managers score big, too, by obtaining much-sought-after, valuable contact information on their diners.

Boosting Engagement by Gamifying Government

Developing public-sector initiatives that engage people – whether they are public employees or residents – involves even more than radically changing the traditional government experience. It also requires turning the boring into the interesting. Gamification can accomplish just that. Games are fun – the rules are well defined, the process is engaging and the payoffs are immediate.

Shaun Simmonds – why gamification will rule at Russia 2018

Shaun Simmonds, Founder of Supersub Sport and Sportpesa’s UK representative, takes a look ahead at next year’s World Cup in Russia and predicts a creative surge to attract a new audience. The fact that next summer’s World Cup will be in Europe is a huge plus.

LGIM: VR and gamification are the future of pensions

Experts have said the successful application of technology can shed light on members’ needs and encourage better savings habits. At Legal and General Investment Management’s annual defined contribution (DC) conference on 21 September, a panel of experts discussed how technology is changing pensions. Inside Ideas Group chief…

Developers Corner | Pocket Gamer

The rise in prominence of video games has had some surprising results on our understanding of human psychology and the way people feel about motivation and rewards. It didn’t take long for people to realise that many of the developed techniques have applications outside of gaming, and outside of the world of technology as a whole.

How gamification can boost student success

In a perfect world, students would be self-motivated to focus during lectures and practice or study the material. Unfortunately, this is often not the case for many reasons. Recognizing that engagement is one of the key elements for student success is what leads many of us, as professors and teachers, to develop and adopt techniques to foster it.

Popular gamification platform goes mobile

Kahoot releases app designed to make homework fun for students. (Illustration by Kahoot) The makers of Kahoot have released a mobile version of the game-based learning platform that they say will encourage K-12 students to continue their studies outside of the classroom.

Game on: Gamification in focus

Gamification – the idea of bringing games or gaming interaction is growing in popularity. Over the last few years, more and more organisers of big shows and exhibitions are making sure this concept is incorporated into the event programme.

Gamification in app development: Why is it so trendy and how can you benefit?

Author Scientists all over the world lately talk about short attention span and problems with motivation. We have so much to do that we don’t know where to start! But have you noticed that it’s much easier to accomplish tasks when there is less pressure and it feels like a game?

Gamification: Developing an Audience for Emergency Management Training

One of the hats emergency managers wear is community outreach. They must share research and best practices, but also create long-term behavior change. Today, outreach revolves mostly around event booths, mailers, pamphlets, booklets and presentations. Emergency managers show up at fairs and farmers markets, hold town hall meetings, or speak at schools or religious centers.

Let the games begin: Developing a digital strategy for gamification

As part of their digital strategy, one tactic financial services and insurance firms will contemplate is gamification. Given three billion hours are invested in gaming each week, one billion gamers are expected to join the market in the next ten years and $4bn in games are available in app stores, it’s not hard to understand why.

How playing games can advance science

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Your Content is Boring, Here’s How to Make it Interesting

You may have been blogging for months, if not years, providing useful guides and sharing your creative ideas. But it’s getting somewhat monotonous and it’s now boring. Here are three ideas for you to breathe a new life into your content creation process.

Why businesses should tackle the digital workplace

Gartner research vice-president Monica Basso urged delegates at the Gartner Digital Workplace summit in London to plan to use a digital workplace initiative as part of a wider digital business strategy. “We believe that the digital workplace is an unavoidable step for any business that wants to succeed in digital transformation,” she said.

What’s on Deck For Your Professional Development?

As an entrepreneur or professional, you may ask yourself, how are my employees and I getting better each day? Even if you can answer that because you have a detailed professional development plan to grow your team and yourself, it’s important to know how this space changing.

Code Therapy – A Mental Health and Technology Documentary

Code Therapy is a short documentary about how technology is changing the way mental health services are delivered. Mental illness, such as depression, is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. 1 in 4 adults in the United States experiences…

VR in learning isn’t as hard as you think

Microsoft, Apple, Google and Sony are betting big on mixed reality. For many people it’ll be their best shot at visiting The White House, taking part in an action epic or recovering from serious illness. You might think that, between futuristic headsets and incredible camera rigs, there’s no place for VR in a typical business.

How To Get Your Staff On Board With Your New App

This story originally appeared on Bizness Apps You’re app is live! How exciting! But how do you make sure it’s a success? A key factor in your app marketing is your staff’s buy-in. If the staff knows and understands the value of the app, they will be able to relay this information to the customer.

Why Meditation Apps Aren’t Undoing the Stress Caused by Smartphones

How many times a day do you check your smartphone? One study found that the average number of mobile phone notifications per day to be 63.5. Most of these notifications came from messages and emails, and almost all of them were seen within minutes of arriving.

Goal Bonanza Aims to Reimagine Football Betting and Disrupt a $3-trillion Global Gambling Industry

Startup Goal Bonanza led by founding partner Veljko Ristic and a seasoned team of internet technology professionals announces the launch of its crowdsale starting on October 1st 2017, to fund the development and launch of a revolutionary football betting platform based on ERC20 token standard and smart contracts technology.

AirAsia India to set up innovation centre in Bengaluru | Forbes India

Amar Abrol, CEO, AirAsia IndiaImage: Selva Prakash AirAsia India, a joint venture between Tata Sons and the AirAsia Group, is in the process of setting up an innovation centre at its headquarters in Bengaluru. This innovation centre would focus on the intersection of technology and travel.

Tinder Gold takes us nearer to the app’s grim endpoint: robot-style dating | Roisin Kiberd

“We know you. You live in a world where every moment counts – where speed equals success, you’re always on the go, and you can’t let anything slow you down.” This not a line from the new Blade Runner sequel.

‘Ethics Adventure’ Training Game Uses Interactive Story To Teach

A Realtor named Jed has a buyer who’s interested in a house because it’s right down the road from a pharmacy. After she expresses an intention to put in an offer, Jed finds out that the pharmacy is going to be turned into a deli. Should he inform his buyer or not?

80 percent of activity tracker users stick with the devices for at least six months, study shows

Use of activity trackers, such as wearable devices and smartphone apps, is on the rise, and a new study shows that 80 percent of users stuck with the device for at least six months. Though the gadgets may help motivate users to increase exercise, the populations that could benefit most may not be using the technologies.

Bringing Together Medical Students Around the World, Elsevier Announces Winners for First-ever Elsevier Hacks Competition

HELSINKI, September 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Elsevier, the information analytics business specializing in science and health, today announced the winners of its medical education hackathon. Twenty medical students from around the world participated in the two-day event in Helsinki, Finland, in late August.

5 running apps that can help you go the extra mile

Participating in a recent long-distance run taught me two things. First, never forget to carry a bottle of water. Second, get a running app on your smartphone. Whether it’s tracking your timings or the number of calories you burn, these apps can prove helpful.

Bengaluru Based Chimple Selected As A Finalist Of Global Learning XPRIZE, Wins $1 Mn Funding

Bengaluru-based edtech startup Chimple has won $1 Mn funding from Global Learning XPRIZE. The foundation is looking to create scalable solutions to enable children to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic within 15 months. Chimple is developing a learning platform to enable children to learn reading, writing and mathematics on a tablet.

How Positive Psychology Transforms People and Organizations – The Academic View

Most people recognize that people have psychological motivations for doing the things they do. Depression or anxiety, for instance, might cause a person to slack on their work, or snap at a coworker. But there is more to psychology and motivation than this kind of thinking.

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